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 Hippocrates, Greek physician (460-357 B.C.), stated the importance of Chiropractic care in writings and declared “Get knowledge of the spine, for this is the requisite for many diseases”.

Dr. Woods is a Licensed Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.). He received his degree from Logan College of Chiropractic in St.Louis, MO. He opened Back On Track Chiropractic in 2009, and has been helping the Northern Mississippi community for many years. Dr. Woods uses the latest techniques and tools in order to give the patient the maximum Chiropractic benefit. 

Your First Visit:

Dr. Woods conducts an exam with each new patient. The exam consists of a Neurological Scan, which uses the latest technological tools to scan your neck and back for Heat and Electrical interference. 

The second part of the exam consists of a series of simple hands-on procedures to examine your Range of Motion (ROM). This part of the exam will provide more detail about the extent to which your body is being debilitated. 

The last part of the exam is X-Rays. Not every patient needs X-Rays. However, Dr. Woods may deem them necessary in order to view any damage or broken bones, to ensure that no further damage is done. Most Insurance pays for X-Rays, although each policy is set up differently. 

Once the Exam is complete, Dr. Woods will have the necessary information to formulate a treatment plan to fit your individual needs.

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The Nervous System & The Spine:

  • Your Nervous System controls the function of every cell, tissue, organ, and system of your ENTIRE body.
  • And one of the primary components of your Nervous System is your Spinal Cord.
  • Your Spinal Cord is protected by 24 movable bones called vertebrae.
  • These vertebrae allow motion and are vulnerable to injury and displacement which results in nervous system dysfunction and ultimately, ill health.
  • When a vertebra loses its normal position it can rub, choke, or pinch a nearby nerve. We call this condition a Vertebral Subluxation (sub- luk-s a ‘-shun ) Complex (VSC).
  • The result of this condition is pain of the neck and/or back. 

Most pain can be eliminated naturally. No drugs. No surgery. 


What Can Chiropractic Help?

Neck Pain
Back Pain
Shoulder Pain
Neck Stiffness
Shoulder Stiffness
Disc Conditions
Foot Pain
Knee Pain
Hip Pain
….Just to name a few….

Chiropractic is great for your entire family!

  • Dr. Woods is a family Chiropractor, he sees children and adults of all ages. 

Pregnancy & Chiropractic?
  • Dr. Woods is also trained in the Webster Technique. This is a technique that is used to adjust pregnant women of all trimesters. Chiropractic Adjustments throughout your pregnancy can drastically reduce the amount of pain and swelling that often accompany pregnancy. The proper alignment of the mother’s spine helps their overall health, as well as the baby’s health. The Webster Technique is used to balance the pelvis and relieve some of the tension on the ligaments that stabilize the mother’s uterus during pregnancy. When these ligaments are tight with tension, the baby’s motion is limited, and the baby may get stuck in a “breech” position. Webster’s Technique is often used in the third trimester to help a breech baby move into an optimal birthing position.
  • Chiropractic care could help prevent a Cesarean-Section delivery.

Blood Pressure & Chiropractic?

  • Studies show that a regular Spinal Adjustment can actually lower Blood Pressure MORE than the leading Blood Pressure medications!
  • High blood pressure can result from a nutritional issue, faulty control by the nervous system, or manifestation of stress. Medication can decrease blood pressure, but leaves the underlying problem unattended. 
  • Chiropractic attends to this underlying problem by realigning the spine and teaching proper muscular techniques to keep the spine in the proper alignment for a longer period of time.  


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